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Leah Williams, Founder/President

Leah has been planning parties since she was 16. Almost every Wednesday night after church, she’d invite her entire youth group over for a pool party (and gave her parents almost no notice). Now as an adult, she’s pumped to put even more purpose (and time) into planning events for others.

Before starting Proximity, Leah served as a missionary in France, worked four years as a PR/marketing consultant and now splits her time between her presentation design firm, Swellslide, and this ministry.

Her favorite things include travel (or planning to travel), trying not to spend her entire paycheck at Home Goods, journaling at cafes and playing the clarinet. She’s lived in NYC since 2012 and currently attends Redeemer Downtown.

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Arthur La Motta, Vice President, Communications

Although he’s traveled quite a bit throughout his life, Arthur has always called New York City home. After moving to Manhattan in 2018, he began his career at a digital marketing agency in Brooklyn.

In his downtime, he enjoys being involved with the theater industry and engaging with people from around the world. His love of languages and cultures stirs his desire to get to know more people and their stories. He’s very excited to lead Proximity into becoming a place of connection and living life together!



Christopher Guidi, Vice President, Connections

Christopher spends most of his day helping troubled healthcare companies and their investors. When he is not doing that, he attends Church of the City and enjoys meeting other believers from all denominations and bringing them together to create a supportive community.